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Fecha:  Domingo 07 de junio de 2009
Categorías:  English
The VAC System opened the field for infometrics

It has been eleven years since the new system for the measurement of information was presented by Antxon Sarasqueta as courses for the University Complutense of El Escorial.

"We are at a new dimension of our universe: information is the intangible material that makes tangible everything". Antxon Sarasqueta said when he presented his new scientific theory of the information, and the new VAC system (which in english is the acronym for Added Value of Communication).

This happened in 1998. Eleven years later, The New York Times ran a headline: "Researchers Train Minds to Move Matter". The american newspaper informed in July 21, 2009 of an experiment by a group of scientist which manipulated neuronal information so it gave mental orders to physical objects with pre programed information,
so that theses objects would move in any direction without physical contact.

As of today, there are daily publications through out the world of investigations, that confirm that information can be used as a basic material for the development of new systems in all types of activities.

The results and its potential depend on the management model of information.

The principle that Sarasqueta established was the value of information per se. "Information is everything, and all value is in the information" In his book VAC, the added value of communication, which was presented during the academic conference, Sarasqueta told about his investigations, the structure and creation of the new system, its results, including the project Aldea Digital, created by him and utilized  by the Ministry of Education in 2,500 rural school throughout Spain.

More than a decade later, the VAC system has been applied in projects that encompass all types of areas; business,sociology,politics, and the electoral process. In all of these cases there has been the same result as its common denominator: increase the value obtained over prearranged objectives. The principle of information as
an added value is confirmed.

In the following web pages; and the consulting company which he directs and manages since 1992,, you can find detailed information about the cases and results of businesses, banks, private and public institutions, communication media (T.V, print…) over a hundred models of measuring information developed and applied until now. To see cases and results of the application
of the principle of  the value of information.

"If in this information society you don´t measure information and you don´t have a model of measuring this information, the result will be great loss in competitiveness and benefits", said Sarasqueta.

Part of the potential, is in the predictive capability that information contains, and the consulting company that Sarasqueta manages has developed infometrics applications and analytical systems that are highly precise.

Translated by C.S. Martinez
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