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Autor:  Editores Multimedia Capital  (contact@multimediacapital)
Fecha:  Domingo 17 de febrero de 2008
Categorías:  Sistema VAC, Multimedia Capital, Kubernésis, English, Aldea Digital
Antxon Sarasqueta 13 works on politics and communication

´Una vision global de la globalización´ ( A global vision of globalization) is the title of the last book Antxon Sarasqueta published in 2003, by EUNSA which is part of the University of Navarra.

The book Una vision global de la globalizacion is the first book that took head on the new reality of globalization from its own nature, which is to say as a global dimension, and not only sectorial or partial as it had been done frequently from a technological, economical, cultural or an ideological point of view.

A year earlier Mr. Sarasqueta published Kubernesis, la Maquina del Conocimiento ( Kubernesis, the Knowledge Machine), its a book that investigates, develops and discloses everything that cyberspace represents in our day to day life's, not only for development of science and technology, but as a direct extension of our human capacity through electronic systems. It is a completely new vision of what is the huge potential that information has in any aspect of our life's.

It´s the first time in the world an author has made such a work in its original form for all formats and multimedia broadcasting platforms, in conjunction with his printed book. Apart from many other things, the reader can surf through more than 1.800 pages that will come alive through virtual and audiovisual scenarios. Then the reader and user can choose to post their comments on the web for feedback or networking.

Other published books written by Mr. Sarasqueta and printed by Espasa Calpe are El triunfo de las ideas,1999 (The Triumph of the Ideas) and El desafio español, 19996 (The Spanish Challenge). Both of these works advance a new ideological vision of leadership from an innovative and futuristic perspective of the twenty first century society.

Multimedia Author

Among the books published by Mr. Sarasqueta you can find VAC, El Valor Añadido de ComunicaciónGlosario de
Valor Añadido de Comunicación: El
valor añadido de comunicaciónGlosario de
valor añadido de comunicación: El valor añadido de comunicación (VAC) es producido por la gestión de la información intangible que aumenta el valor material e inmaterial contabilizado antes del proceso.

Ej. La gestión de la información que ahorra costes, multiplica su impacto, o crea nuevos activos intangibles, añade valor.
(VAC) es producido por la gestión de la información intangible que aumenta el valor material e inmaterial contabilizado antes del proceso.

Ej. La gestión de la información que ahorra costes, multiplica su impacto, o crea nuevos activos intangibles, añade valor.
(VAC, Added Value to Communication) written in 1996. In this book the author talks about the theory of the practical results that this new system has created in order to measure the intangibles in the information as a result of Mr. Sarasqueta investigations in the field of information technologies and communication.

The Cyberman Game which was created in 1996 and earlier on in 1993 the Manual of the new multimedia communication, are other books where the author develops the impact of the changes that have taken place in the revolution of the communications which have been introduced in the twenty first century.

In total there are 13 books published by Antxon Sarasqueta, including the one that talked about the spanish transition to democracy, From Franco to Felipe, published in 1991 by the Academia de Ciencias Sociales de Pekín (The Academy of Social Science of Pekin) in chinese.

The first time in history where an author investigates, creates and develops entirely all the original contents of a interactive multimedia work- included are printed books, DVD´s, virtual characters, software programs and an internet platforms.

In the synopsis of the book Kubernésis, la máquina del conocimiento´ (Kubernesis the knowledgeable machine) you can see that for the first time a book makes the reader aware of the knowledge through controlling and managing information. This new tool makes the user enter into a new dimension of a world dominated by communications. A world that some years ago was science fiction is now a reality and will continue to move into newer futuristic dimensions.

But, do we know what the cyber space and this new dimension of comunication represents? Are we conscious that our stability and future in all our aspects of life depend on it? This is the first multimedia work which looks into vast range of opportunities of cyberspace. The genesis and development of this new world has been baptize by the author as Kubernesis, which is the greek word that expresses the science of the commandments, and where it emanates the cyberspace.

Cyberspace is the union of living creatures and electronic systems, and in the twenty first century the man has seen himself wrapped in this reality. It hasn´t been ten years since the internet´s big bang and the new communication technologies have changed completely the human and planetarium environment.In this book the reader can explore and discover how is our life in cyberspace and how the future is fabricated.

For over six years the author has investigated and experimented with the most complex projects of communication in order to develop this work, by establishing both technological and intellectual instruments which form this new machine of human knowledge.

38 years in the world of communications,
journalist, editor and technological consultant

Antxon Sarasqueta, after thirty eight years in the world of communications, journalist, editor and technological consultant, author of thirteen books and creator of software programs and advance communication models-like Aldea Digital, implemented in 2,500 schools-has made this work a reference point in the field of divulgation for the science, business, education and professional life.

Kubernesis, la Maquina del Conocimiento forms part of a small group of advanced movements of authors and professionals of communication, which utilize the new platforms and mediums to pass on to the readers a new world dimension which surrounds them and which they are immerse.

This piece of work is a response to the new intellectual and cultural era of cyberspace, which is born out of the new science of modern communication. The book develops a new paradigm, discovering the communication as new universal model of human activities. "We are communication, we depend on communication" is a quote you will find in one of the chapters of the book.

In order to make the reader comprehend how the virtual world is not separate from the real one but it is know part of that same world, the author has created and developed a character named Daniel, which in its electronic version of the work, he is the virtual guide for the user.

Multimedia Capital Edition © 2008

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