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Autor:  Editores Multimedia Capital  (
Fecha:  Jueves 08 de enero de 2009
Categorías:  Sistema VAC, Multimedia Capital, Kubernésis, English, Aldea Digital
Antxón Sarasqueta’s Profile

Antxon Sarasqueta is the founder and CEO of Multimedia Capital (1992-2009), which is the pioneer consultant business in the field of new models for measuring information.

In his latest book, We are info. The new science of intangibles, Antxón Sarasqueta provides the structure of the intangible information that shapes everything that exists in life, and runs everything. He count the discoveries he have been working for more than a quarter century on the new knowledge of the information, which changes the whole of our reality.

The web of the new book of Antxón Sarasqueta (spanish)
Antxon Sarasqueta 15 books and more than 6.000 articles on politics and communication (english)

Among other things Mr. Sarasqueta was the creator of the application presented to the market as a ´Media Value System Program´, which allows the added value of communication to be measured (VAC). Since 1996 it is being used by some of the most competitive companies in the market to design, evaluate and measure the results of their communication impacts in relation to their strategic objectives-an innovation. More about VAC System

Measure the information as a tangible material
Think again: creation of value process

Mr. Sarasqueta has created and developed over one hundred prototypes of communication, including the project Aldea Digital which was implemented by the Ministry of Education in 2,500 poor rural schools and which has later served as a reference for distinguished world institutions and companies. Microsoft was invited to participate in the project and has marked Aldea Digital as one of the european initiatives in the field of Information Technologies and Communications.

"Aldea Digital has revolutionize the rural schools. Yesterday they where isolated villages and now they are digital villages. Yesterday they didn´t have telephones and today they surf the internet. And all is thanks to a pioneer way of learning", wrote Microsoft magazine (1999). What Microsoft said about Aldea Digital

The full impact of Aldea Digital's project after 10 years

Mr. Sarasqueta has dedicated 38 years working as a journalist, writer, researcher and as a consultant in the field of new information technologies and communications. He has published 14 books, 6,500 newspaper articles in magazines, and he has imparted 210 conferences and courses in the principal academic, companies, political and journalistic forums. During three years Mr. Sarasqueta was a host in a TV program in one of the main spanish private channels, Antena 3 TV, with leading academics and scientists, sponsored by the Free College Emeritus.

The professional and intellectual history of Mr. Sarasqueta has been marked by the communication revolution and being a strong participant during the industrial periods of the information society. He has also been in charge of national publications. He has created and directed projects of technological systems of information since 1989.

As a journalist, since 1984 Mr. Sarasqueta is an official member of the Press Association of Madrid, and the National Federation of Journalist of Spain. He was a member of the board of the Press Association of Madrid since 1985 to 1992, elected by the majority of the journalist of the association.

Since 2002 Mr. Sarasqueta is a member of the Association of Managers of Communications (Directivos de Comunicación-DIRCOM), the main private and independent group of managers of communications in Spain working in the leading companies.

Since 2003 Mr. Sarasqueta is a member fo the Social Counsel of the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM), one of the best and biggest universities in the country with 70,000 students, here he presides over the commission on the Convergence in the European Space of Superior Education (EEES). He was designated as member for the counsel by the Asamblea de Madrid (regional parliament) as a "person of recognized prestige in the science, cultural, artistic, and technological fields"

He is a member of the editorial counsel fo the Nueva Revista, and since 1995 has a weekly column in the daily La Gaceta de los Negocios, editorial group in which he was a member of the Board during four years. In 1996 Sarasqueta was elected until the year 2000 as a member of the board of the public television and national radio (Radio Television Española), by the national parliament (Congress).

Mr. Sarasqueta is also a member of distinguished international institutions. He is a member of the patronage of Fundación de Politica Exterior (INCIPE), and he was one of the founders of The New Atlantic Initiative. For 15 years he has been a european member of the Trilateral Commission.

Antxon Sarasqueta is 58, married, and has one son. He was born in the basque city of San Sebastian (Spain).

Biography, books, research, and projects made by Antxón Sarasqueta

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Antxon Sarasqueta 15 books on politics and communication
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